Saturday, March 28, 2020

Madeline and the Bad Hat by Ludwig Bemelmans

Madeline and the Bad Hat by Ludwig Bemelmans is another in the series of beloved Madeline books. In a house full of well-behaved little girls, a mischievous neighbor boy seems quite the "bad hat." Madeline and her schoolmates are appalled by neighbor boy Pepito's teasing and raucous behavior. Son of the Spanish Ambassador, Pepito gets away with quite a bit of  bad behavior. He shoots rocks at them with his slingshot, drops water on passersby, and captures local animal for his menagerie. But  schoolmistress Miss Clavel insists he is a nice boy that just needs an outlet for his energy.

I love the Madeline books! In each book Madeline and her schoolmates learn something new. In this book the straight-laced girls learn to get along with a rowdy little boy. Plus, he gets a sour taste of his own medicine!

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