Saturday, March 28, 2020

Sergio Makes a Splash! by Edel Rodriguez

Sergio the penguin loves water! He loves to sing in the rain, take cold baths, play soccer in puddles and drink lots and LOTS of water. The only problem is, he can't swim. Sergio's class takes a field trip to the ocean. Everyone is so excited to learn how to swim, but Sergio's not so sure. The ocean is big and deep and intimidating. But with a lot of floaties and a little encouragement, maybe he can make a splash after all!

This adorable book embodies the timid part of all of us when we are trying something new. My favorite page shows his train of thought in thought bubbles, each worry countered by positive self-talk. Details about Sergio, like his passion for soccer and fishies and his "curious smile" and "perky 'wings,'" bring him to life and endear him to the reader. A really great read for children who are afraid to try something that seems scary.

Lia (age 4) says: "It was about Sergio was dreaming of water. And he was drinking some ice. And they were driving the school bus down the mountain. And they were telling him about what he likes (puddles, rain, ice, and a drink). He says it's deep. They say 'Come in! Splash!' but he's not sure about it. Then he splashes in and goes under the sea and thinks it's dark under there. And he loved it.  They ask if he had a good time and he said 'Yes!' and he was brave like Merida."

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